Our team of professionals deeply care about you, your health, your concerns, and comfort. You will notice this the minute you enter our office. Some of the extraordinary things we do are not so easily seen, such as the state-of-the-art sterilization protocol we implement and the benefits of digital radiography which capture images with 90% less radiation than traditional x-ray units.

We are proud to offer you educational tools that empower you to make informed decisions regarding your treatment and dental health and we will customize your treatment for your unique needs with all options explored. We provide premium treatment by blending advanced technology, continued education, years of clinical experience and an innate concern for your optimal health.

Whether it is with superb diagnostics and preventive care or with a complete aesthetic dental makeover, we can help you achieve and maintain the brilliant, beautiful, healthy smile you have always wanted. We are excited to show you the possibilities!

Dr. Reilly is a progressive practitioner with a unique approach to your health; blending precision with a commitment to providing you excellence of care. He combines science with artistry, using leading edge techniques backed by extensive academic and clinical experience. While centered in Southeast Michigan, Dr. Reilly has had the privilege to treat thousands of wonderful people, many of whom have come from other areas of the United States and other countries, who appreciate the expertise and gentle touch that he provides.

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